At Central Jersey Volleyball Academy we are committed to providing our players and parents with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the recruiting process. Therefore, we have teamed up with VolleyballRecruits.net - The Official Recruiting Tool of USA Volleyball, to ensure our players are maximizing the exposure they receive throughout the recruiting process.


All players receive great discounts on VolleyballRecruits.net memberships as a member of Central Jersey Volleyball Academy!



What is VolleyballRecruits.net?


VolleyballRecruits.net is an online recruiting tool endorsed by USA Volleyball as The Official Recruiting Tool of USA Volleyball. VolleyballRecruits.net streamlines the recruiting process and increases your visibility among college coaches by making it convenient for them to see you play and view your player profile.


Key Benefits:

  • Secure online player profile
  • School search tool - every program in the country is a registered user
  • Unlimited video uploads (you can also link your YouTube videos to your profile)
  • Internal messaging to communicate with any coach in the country
  • Professionally build skills videos / highlight reels


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