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May 22 Club Update

Dear CJVA Family,

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these uncertain times.

As we continue to navigate the changing tides, I want to thank everyone again for their patience. I know that CJVA is not alone in being forced to make difficult decisions and facing the challenges that come with being a business owner during this unprecedented shutdown. No one could have foreseen the challenges that small businesses are facing right now, and the fear that many will not be able to reopen is becoming closer to reality. 

It has recently become apparent that safety guidelines will keep us closed through part of, if not all of, June. Although it is a hard decision, we have no choice but to officially end our club season. While this is not the answer we were hoping for, clubs across the country know that this is the right decision to ensure the health and safety of our players and their families. Rest assured, we are already looking forward to the 2020/2021 club season. In the meantime, we are putting precautionary measures in place to implement safe, healthy summer volleyball programs.

Regarding lost tournament fees and a premature end to our season, we will be emailing teams individually with details on the pro-rated adjustments, as well as three options to choose from to find a solution that works for everyone.  

PROGRAM CREDIT: We would like to offer a program credit (pro-rated for the percentage of the club season that has been cancelled) that can be used toward next seasons club fees, or any summer/fall program. As a thank you, we will also offer you a 10% discount on the program(s) that you choose to use your credit on. Discount cannot be applied to club fees, although we do offer a loyalty discount to returning players. 

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION: As a tax-deductible charitable nonprofit, CJVA can provide you with a letter certifying that you made a tax-deductible charitable contribution for the amount of your payment (less the fair market value of services received), to be used as a tax write-off. 

REFUND: If neither of these options are viable for your family, we will refund your portion of the amount due back to your team. 

We will be sending out emails to parents next week with amounts you can use as credit, tax deduction, or refund. We will include a link to select the best option for you.

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, including the world of volleyball. The biggest question we are facing right now is, how do we move forward? We believe that resuming regular training with proper safety protocols being our only change is dangerous and returning to the level of play that our players were at in February or March would be negligent on our part. We are working with top clubs around the country, JVA, and a Physical Therapist to design training with athlete security at the center. Our athletes have not performed high impact moves for an extended period while in quarantine. Because of this, we have developed several phases to prepare our players to return to relative normalcy once our locations can reopen. Below are just a few: 

  • Limiting the number of players in the building, and on the court at a time
  • An early focus on players rebuilding muscle memory and stamina, performing volleyball specific strength and conditioning workouts
  • Players executing volleyball techniques and movements in a low-impact and controlled environment to minimize injury
  • Gradually increasing force and repetition as strength and speed return.
  • Limiting the contact between players by practicing individual drills on a designated part of the net and court
  • Progress to 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 game-like drills with proper sanitation of the balls, hands, and forearms before and after play.

We are currently working to adapt our normal summer programs to more effectively ease our players’ return to volleyball. In addition, we hope to set up Team Camps later in the summer in order to allow players to work with their team to prepare for their Fall season. We believe this new training, which many top clubs will be adopting, emphasizes both injury prevention and management, as well as minimizing the risk of infection. We look forward to regaining our strength and skills as individuals, but more importantly, we look forward to coming together as a club and a community once again. While we have missed you all in the gym, we know this pandemic has also brought some valuable rest and family time to us and allowed for time to reflect on ourselves. Though things have been frightening and stressful, we believe wholeheartedly that we will come out of this brighter, wiser, and STRONGER!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these options. As always, we appreciate your support and flexibility during this difficult time!

In Health…

Kym & Andrea 


Everyone in the sports community is feeling the impact of COVID-19. Events and competitive seasons at all levels are being canceled and training facilities are closing. Athletes, coaches, parents, and clubs, like ourselves, are scrambling to develop contingency plans.

For us, every day is throwing us new curve balls (wrong sport, I know) as we navigate this crisis and what it means for our CJVA family. In the name of transparency, we wanted to let you know that while not everything has been sorted out yet, we do have some answers to questions that we've been getting and wanted to share that with you.

PRACTICES: Currently, all practices have been canceled until further notice. USA Volleyball has indefinitely eliminated the sanctioning of all USAV events including but not limited to tournaments, practices, individual training sessions, and anything else covered by USA Volleyball insurance.

We are exploring our options with regards to resuming training sessions and practices once federal and state stay-at-home orders have been lifted and will update you periodically as more information becomes available.

TOURNAMENTS: All tournaments in March and April have been cancelled or postponed. Many tournaments are rescheduling or postponing dates, but given the fluidity of the situation, many dates haven’t been confirmed at this point.  

HOTELS: Hotels scheduled through the housing companies will be cancelled automatically. Any flights or hotels purchased on your own for a tournament in April should be cancelled.

REFUNDS: First, let us say it is our full intention to return to the season if it is possible. We are remaining hopeful, as many major tournaments around the country are rescheduling their events for May and June, rather than cancelling them. While we were initially told that we would be refunded for tournaments that were cancelled, this is not the case for tournaments that are being rescheduled, so we are unable to receive refunds for tournaments at this time.

In a best-case scenario, we are back in the gym in some capacity in the next month or so. For those teams ending their season at Regionals, we will gladly extend your season to account for the time lost, and tournaments will be rescheduled for each team as they become available. Once we get a better grasp on the situation, we’ll communicate with you on a team by team basis. Until then, nothing is set in stone.

Be assured that our management team is hard at work to serve the needs of our CJVA family. As we wait to get back in the gym, we are actively developing and working to provide remote learning for our club members to keep them active and in touch with one another. We are continuing to look into how to make up for lost time once we are able to get back on the court. Additionally, we are preparing summer camps and other programs to train and advance every level of athlete once we can return to the gym.

We are committed to continue serving our members and the volleyball community so if you need to get in touch with us please contact

In Health…

Kym and Andrea

March 20 - Covid 19 Updates

Dear CJVA Family,

It is with great sadness that I am writing to you today to inform you that due to uncertainty around COVID-19, GEVA has made the decision to suspend all GEVA-sanctioned activities indefinitely, effectively ending our season. While some of you may have heard rumors already, we wanted you to hear the news from us before it goes out to the general membership tonight. Below you can see bulleted excerpts of GEVA updates:

  • Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, GEVA is suspending all GEVA-sanctioned activities indefinitely, essentially ending the season.
  • All volleyball activities are to be suspended indefinitely, including all training, practices, tournaments, scrimmages, etc. Under no circumstance are we being allowed to create work-arounds to avoid restrictions.
  • All rankings were frozen as of March 12, 2020. GEVA will be awarding any currently allotted National and American bids, with trickle-down through the current fifth-place.
  • GEVA has no plans to reschedule any cancelled events past the end of the normal season (May).
  • GEVA’s High Performance Committee is in continuous contact with the National Program and will be making decisions with regard to the program as they go forward.
  • GEVA is continually receiving updates from USAV and other governing agencies, and will be continuing to send updates to us as they receive information.

Unfortunately, what this means for CJVA is that we will no longer be allowed by GEVA to continue any club team practices. This is incredibly upsetting to all of us, of course, but we understand that GEVA has made this decision in order to keep all of its members safe in these uncertain times. 

Like many other small businesses, we operate on incredibly small profit margins, and this crisis is threatening to close our doors to our volleyball community permanently. Club fees are a big part of how we are able to continue running--they don’t just go towards practices, but they also go towards tournament fees, coaches’ salaries, travel, facility rental, management, uniforms and so much more. Many of these expenses have already been paid for and we cannot receive refunds for-- For example, while GEVA will be refunding entry fees for GEVA-hosted tournaments, non-GEVA and club-hosted tournaments are not required to refund entry fees. We are asking for your patience as we go over budget projections, meet with other Club Directors to discuss strategies and options, and assess what makes sense for us so that we can continue being a pillar for our volleyball community well into the future.

We want to thank everyone for a great year so far, and for your patience as we navigate these uncertain and frightening times. We’ve seen our players and coaches work hard week after week, developing their skills, but more importantly, we’ve seen them grow as players, teammates, and as individuals. It’s very hard to see their efforts cut short and find our courts empty but we know that everyone at GEVA and USAV are making decisions that will ultimately help stop the spread of COVID-19 and get us back on the court.We wish all of our families luck and safety during the next couple of months.

Best in all things,
Kym & Andrea and CJVA Management Staff

March 14 - COVID-19 Update



March 11 - COVID-19 Update

Many players and parents have expressed concerns about upcoming tournaments. We are watching for updates from GEVA and USAV. If an event is cancelled, your coach will be notified right away. Below is the link to GEVA's  position statement:


Unless a tournament is cancelled by GEVA or the tournament directors, teams choosing of their own accord not to attend a tournament are choosing to do so by forfeiting.  COACHES WILL NEED TO NOTIFY KYM BY 4PM THE DAY BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT  IF CHOOSING TO  DROP TO AVOID CLUB AND TEAM “NO SHOW” PENALTIES. There is no penalty for dropping an event, as we want everyone to feel safe. However, we will be fined and penalized for not showing up without notifying the tournament staff.

Thanks for your cooperation.